Classic Techno

I was you-tubing today and I found a whole bunch of lovely old classic techno stuff. I never knew the name of tracks back in the day cos I wasn’t cool enough. But I did remember Ready to Flow, mostly due to a sample in it that has a chick saying “ready to flow”. Here it is in all its lovely bleepiness:

Then of course one thing led to another, and I found Access.

Access is one of those tracks that get the whole quiet/loud balance just right. Folk used to get fierce excited when the kick drum dropped out and the riser started. It was that beautiful short “wowph” that pushes through the whole track like an evil metronome of synthy goodness, thats what did it, it was intimidating, you thought the whole place was going to explode.

And then the quiet bit ended and the whole place did explode.

Techno clubs are the business, the cattle-marty and ego driven atmosphere of regular nightclubs  sucks the big one by comparison. These tracks are a wee bit on the cheesy side by modern standards, but at the time everybody in those clubs were digging the shit out of this stuff without any sense of  cynicism.

This next one got loads and loads of play, and I imagine most people will remember it when they hear the looping sampled vocal. The sample is from an old 1980 movie called Altered States, an important fact that nobody in the world is aware of, not even wikipedia. Just me, and now I pass this golden nugget of trivia to you. Remember now; with great power yadda yadda yadda…

This is one that I instantly recognised, couldn’t place a club to it but I knew every twist turn and bleep so I must have heard it all over the shop.

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