IE6 is a Bollix.

The title gives it away a bit, but here’s the beef:

quick aside; I’ve never said “here’s the beef” before, but it’s about to become my goddam trademark. Look at it there, it even looks good. Where’s the beef? Whats your fuckin beef, buddy?  deadly. I like the idea of expressing myself through repeatedly asking after steak that may or may not exist. Does this mean I’m deep? I’ve always wanted to be deep.

I’m working on three websites that all have the same basic layout; a fixed-width left column for the menu and other bits,  and a resizeable content area. And because I’m a hobbyist i want do things at least half-ways right; I want the content to appear before the navigation in the source code and then make the navigation appear first (on the left) using css on the displayed page.

I want to do this without putting loads of extra divs into the html. In fact I want to do the basic layout as a single wrapper div holding the header, sidebar, content and footer.

And I thought I had done this ages ago. Even better than that, I had made this lovely layout that could become the 3-column Holy Grail layout or the two-column one I want for these three sites, with nary a flick of a switch.

Then I checked out  one of the sites using internet explorer 6, and I said “here, whats the beef? with this site I mean, eh? “.

The thing was in bits, columns missing, things in the wrong place, puppies murdered in their beds. The double-margin  bug, the three pixel jog bug, the faulty box model, all that crazy shit – I didn’t even know that these things had names, but they do.

Now, in all fairness, I’m not new to this game, I knew IE6 is a heap of shit, I just didn’t realise the scale of it’s warm steaming stinkyness.

Wikipedia states that IE6 is still  ‘making frequent appearances in “worst tech products of all time” lists’. There are sites dedicated to campaigning against its use. The French and German governments have advised their citizens to move away from IE6.

Depending on where you look for stats, ie6 still accounts for up tp 20% of web browsers, so you cant just ignore it.
I think I have the bastard thing beaten now, took loads of working around looking for an elegant answer though. It’s crazy that this terrible, terrible eight-year-old program is still causing such massive trauma, and its crazy that we still cant take something as basic as layout for granted.

On the plus side, there’s nothing like beating a techie-puzzle to make me think I’m the big time edgy cybernaut living in the future.

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