Do here’s how it went down:

I says to the mechanic, I says:  A full service on this here veh-hicle my man, and have a look at the clutch there’s something not right going on there.

Right-o he says and next day hands back the keys with an assurance that the clutch is fine, over time these things get noiser sometimes and sure don’t worry about it.

A week later and the clutch goes completely, I just manage to get the poxy rending twisted metal bastard to the garage, 10 miles an hour in  second gear all the way. And I get the new clutch that I fucking obviously needed in the first place. Not cheap, and takes a week.

Two days later the yellow bastard engine light comes on, engine responds in an uncertain fashion to the gas, and makes a fucked up racket on starting. But goes all the same. Back to garage.

Thats the computer son, some cpu fault causing the gas to fed to the engine in a less than ideal fashion. The noise is diesel knock, caused by sloppy timing of cylinders, caused by said cpu fault. Cant fix it here, very expensive anywhere, but shouldn’t really cause you too much trouble anyhow.

Tonight: fucking engine failure, veh-hicle abondened in bus bay on North Strand, me crying into my tea. Or I would be if I had any tea.
Computer my arse, no hydraulic pressure in the accelerator, so the problem was probably mechanical all along, that useless fucker has probably led me to destroying my engine.


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