Redmond’s Axiom of Platform Dependency

Axiom: Karate is not a person, place, or thing. Karate is only a set of instructions. Until those instructions are executed by someone, they exist only in the abstract. Karate has no philosophy. Karate has no shape. Karate has no effectiveness. Karate has no qualities at all other than as a set of instructions. The person doing karate gives it all of its qualities way a glass gives water shape, the way computer hardware gives software speed and reliability.

I found this here.  Dealdly site, honest and thought-through opinions on martial arts (actually, it is supposed to be exclusively about Shotokan Karate, but there’s nothing there that doesn’t apply to all other traditional martial arts ) by a guy who really knows his stuff.

It’s a rare and electrifying when something you read fires a nailgun through a slippery bastard of  a thought that has been flitting through the shadows for years. I never found the words to cage the understanding, so I’d just get little epiphanies, moments of clarity and certainty on parts of the whole. Then it would all get foggy when I try to write it down.

As usual though, somebody else has done the hard work. Thanks Rob.

Brings to mind a guy that trains in my Taekwon-Do club. He stopped training a few years ago and then came back after starting something else. Now he constantly bangs on about how superior his new martial art is and how a guy doing his robo-killer destructo art could beat the holy living josephmarychrist-save-us shite out of any “Taekwon-do man”.

Did I mention he gives these little sermons in a tkd club? cheeky fucker.

But heres another interesting bit; as far as I know he has never competed in either art. So not only is he a novice in both arts, but for all his “this imaginary guy would beat that imaginary guy” horseshit, he has no experience of conflict, even the tame controlled conflict of contact sport.

Uniquely unqualified. Yet noisy. The scientist in me suspects an inverse-square law of some sort probably applies here. Or the empty vessel chestnut.

In other news, I really have to write this shit down more often, very cathartic (if thats the word?).

Also blogs with no posts are  even less entertaining than blogs that hammer on about boring irrelevant crap.

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