WordPress/Joomla pseudo-integration(ish)

See this here, what you’re looking at, see it? course you do, but you’re probably wallowing in disgusting ignorance as to the significance of the medium.

The medium is the message. Somebody by the name of Marshall McLuhan said that, and years of trying to figure it out have led me to the conclusion that I shouldn’t listen to pronouncements made by people with suspicious names.

This is my new wordpress installation, unnecessarily integrated (slightly) into my already unnecessary joomla site.
It’s not a proper back-end integration, I think that has been tried before by people that actually know what they are doing with less than perfect results, and a bluffer like myself would do himself a great favour by staying away from projects that are beyond the awesome power of bluff.

No, this is my front-end-pseudo-integrated wordpress/joomla doohickey.

First I installed wordpress on its own sub-domain, just because I could and it looks neater than just leaving it in a folder off the main site, and I pointed the blog link in my main (joomla) menu at it.
Then, and this is the clever bit, I made a wordpress widget that goes and fetches any joomla menu from the joomla site and sticks it into my wordpress sidebar.

I jiggied up a wordpress theme to mimic my joomla template and kablammo! front-end-pseudo-integration!
A good fake is as good as the real thing in my humble, and this suits my purposes admirably.

With one slight glitch, one which you are probably aware of already. The joomla menu is nicked from a joomla page, naturally, so we have to wait for slow-as-fuckery joomla to serve up that entire page with all its poxy slow sql queries before my lovely widget can strip out the menu I want. Which is why the sidebars took so long to load. Gor bless wordpress for her ability to serve up the main content without waiting for the the side bits, Gor bless er.

If there’s even a glimmer interest out there I’ll make the widget available to download. Hell, I’ll probably do that anyway but I’m going to use it as a comment carrot first. Cos I’m lonely.

In other news, I read this post on Eoin Butlers blog, and added it to the growing pile of anecdotal and empirical evidence that my original suspicions regarding babies were correct: that mostly babies are about projectile shitting.
My own continuing experiment in this field managed to miss me by a hairs breath with ballistic poo, though she got my favourite chair which was about three feet away, or three times her own body length, and also has managed to pee in her own ear. The puking, while impressive in itself, is not spectacular enough to carry any great weight in a country that raises the international standard for spontaneous and imaginative  stomach evacuation in the adult  population every weekend without fail. Go us!

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