So with a little help from Bulletproof Templates ‘blank skeleton template’ and a lot of trial and error, I converted neonengine to a proper Joomla cms, while keeping the original design. Which is all very well, but of course this site never really needed a cms and now I have to come up with some content to justify the effort. What content? wherefore and from whither shall it come ? well you’re reading it pal, that’s right, a bit of an auld blog from the auld sod ( that’s me).  A few articles of random rambling and the blog-article layout option should make everything look spiffy and professional, like a chimp in a tailored suit with half-moon spectacles. And, like that dapper ape, all it will take to keep that polished air of refinement is to refrain from the impulse to start hurling excrement at the world while laughing hysterically.

My first attempt at building a template from the ground up convinced me, in less than a day, that there had to be an easier way. Then I though I could save a lot of trouble by taking an existing template and totally stripping all graphic detail leaving just the structure, which I could then use over every time I needed to convert an existing site or build from scratch. I’ll freely admit here that only a complete tool like myself would not have taken this approach first.

Then, naturally, came the stroke of genius – I bet somebody else has done this already so I don’t have to bother. And lo, I beheld, with the help of the omnipotent Google, The Bulletproof Templates blank skeleton template.

Now that’s not the whole story, because to make the blank template truly your own you need to be really good with css. If the term “suckerfish dropdown” means nothing to you then educate yourself, alistapart is good place to start, cssplay a good place to finish.

If you are going to play with the skeleton, keep in mind that the css files are separated and named for good reason. The layout.css contains only structural placing of divs, If you want to change colours and backgrounds etc. then style.css is where you should make your additions. Menu.css is the menu structure, so I would leave that alone and do all my styling in either style.css or stick a new menustyle.css file in there. All the css files are included together in template.css, and since these styles cascade, the order they are included is very important.

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