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Unstoppable charismatic genius that I am, multi-million carat ideas spill from my fevered imagination like porridge from the bottomless cauldron. One recent gem was the fact the modern evolved Content Management System (CMS) is a big clunky lug of a thing that far exceeds the needs of many users, and this left a gap that could be filled with a wee content management system. Initally I thought I might write the whole thing myself, converting strings of text into lovely HTML, but then, out of the blue, a lightening bolt of inspiration struck – I bet somebody else has done this already so I don’t have to bother. And yes, after a little searching it appears lots of people have built such programs. But even the handiest and smallest of these is a full cms, with the ability to add menu items and pages. What I’m looking for is a simple system that allows a user to change the written content of a site without changing the site itself, and uploading a few pictures would be a nice extra.

I want to keep this simple because I know a good few people that are frequently frustrated at not being able to edit the content of their sites, but are way too busy to learn the operation of a new program, with all the unnecessary bells and whistles. Also the modern world is full of technophobes trying their best and its just poor manners to keep on hurling balls of complexity at them.

Really I’m going back in time to find the ancestor of the cms, and sending myself back to the drawing board while I’m at it.

I needed a html editor to insert into an admin section for my wee content management widget, and sooner than attempt to write a bad one , I looked around for a good one .
I found wyzz. It is a really good, really small, wysiwyg editor written in javascript that converts text to html and does font formatting and allsorts. Along with a php administrator login and a little php in the destination pages I think I have my answer. I haven’t sorted the image upload part though, but theres always the possibility that someone out there has….

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