and now for a nice cup of tea.

oh thank the good lord cheebus and his mighty flowing robes of woven justice. All my issues with that damnable content widgitry were, of course, a direct result of my own foolishness. In short: my code was written for php 5 when the server I am using for this particular site runs a version of PHP 4. Considering that PHP 4 is way more common than PHP 5 this amounts to a gigantic, even possibly monsterous, lack of common sense. In my defence I can only point to all the marvelous tweaks I made to the text editor, this is a defence only in that it serves as a distraction. And the only marvellous thing about the tweaks is that I can’t really program javascript and  I didn’t break anything too badly.
But thats all beside the point. The point (as I hear the wonderful kettle clicking behind me and tea-anticipation builds) is that I have finished the site, content manager and all. Now all that remains is the domain purchase followed by the several bottles of gin that I am demanding in lieu of payment. Mates rates and all that. Whats the going gin-rate for logo-design, custom site design with a custom hand built (nearly) content managment system? Its got to be at least two bottles of Bombay saphire. at least.

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