Graawrrrrr online…

Rawwwrrrr! is up and running, or stalking, or maybe lying in the shade flicking at the tsetse flies as it picks random bits of antelope from between its pointy yellow teeth. The Terenure lion is pretty much the best lion-based logo I’ve ever seen, and what’s more I think that, pound for pound, he out-classes out-boxes and out-fights the thundercats lion. A more comprehensive list of lion logos that are not at all as good as the Terenure lion can be found here. Must give him a name, maybe “Graawrrrrr”?
Apart from featuring my greatest triumph in lion-logo design, is also the first site to use my recently developed NeonWidget content editing tool. There’s still a bit of work to be done on the widget; an option to change the password would be nice. I could include options to add and delete entire pages but that would be a step closer to a proper Content Management System and is really the opposite of my original intention; keep it simple, change content but not structure.

Drag and drop for uploaded pictures would be spiffy too, copy and pasting filenames feels a bit too old-tech for my liking. But it works like a dream and if I had built this for a proper paying client instead of one who is paying in gin, then I imagine that client would be dead chuffed. I know I am.

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