Charlie U Farley…

I added a nice bit of PHP to the neonWidget so it now generates a thumbnail image every time an image is uploaded. I’m no longer relying on the editor’s own ‘insert image’ text box, cos it’s a bit unimpressive and not too user-friendly. Instead there’s a nice big friendly button underneath the editor with ‘insert image’ emblazoned across it in huggable glowing letters, this brings up an almost too user-friendly thumbnail gallery from which multiple images can be selected and inserted with a nonchalant flick of the mouse.

As an interesting aside, this is very similar to what Joomla! does in the same situation – so I now know why that cms has both a useful insert image button down the bottom and a really crappy one in the editor toolbar.

Also, in the interest of both security and comedy, I made the password/user file spit out the name “Charles U Farley” if any attempt is made to access it. See what I did there? Anyone remember Pump up the Volume (the movie)? Change Charles to Chuck and reverse the first letters of the names. Hilarious, nineteen years later and I’m still laughing.

All in all I think that will bring a temporary halt to widget development, it does all I wanted it to do in the first place. An installer might be a nice addition at some future date. It could find all the files that represent pages in a site and impregnate them with its own code so the editor can add content. A bit like the face-hugger in Alien (the movie), but non-lethal and much friendlier. I might call it the neonWeevil, due to all the burrowing, though I am aware that in general furry creatures elect a more positive response from the great unwashed.

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