the intervening intervention

Aloha! its been a while since I blogged, and an incredibly mind shattering load of nothing has occurred in the intervening intervention. My first and long abandoned love, plastering, made a brief comeback there, just to remind me why I desperately needed a career change. And a nice sit-down. And sure while we’re at it we’ll through a lovely cup of Barrys gold blend (none of that green-boxed muck for me).

Within a week of the fantaboulous neonWidget going online, yer wan, the site administrator, wanted to put new pages up. And since she’s a bit handy at the old css and html and such y’know, ‘twould be handy to be able to change styles and that. So much for the super-simple point-and-type neonWidget, clearly a monstrous mutant widget of city-smashing proportions was needed. In such a tight situation a pre-emptive action is the only answer. Hiding is not aggressive enough to be considered an action, and fighting is probably inappropriate; programming a lovely bit of webbery with all bells and whistly-things present and accounted for seems like the only reasonable response.

neonWidget v1.2 is ready for deployment, klaxons are manned and thousands of volunteer obervationalists scan the skies for portents of fiery doom and shadow.

A lovely thumbnail gallery, beautiful automatic resizing of ill-fitting images, sublime menu management and css editing for the nerds, complete with a white-writing-on-blue-background to make it look even more technical and intimidating to the un-initiated. And lots of pretty buttons. Oh, and the code is cleaner, not that it will make a blind bit of difference, but I’ll feel better about it and if I’ve had my fun, that’s all that matters.

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