The foots a game!

“Furst dere was d’wurd , and d’wurd was li’” as they do say in auld dubilin towen.
There was unemployment  and apathy,  which is great fun and  I couldn’t possibly recommend it highly enough, then all of a shocking sudden there was my name on a commercial lease for a bombed out kip, a commercial  website that has to be online within a week ( that’s a proper site, the type you charge more than four bottles of Bombay Sapphire for), another site for the future renovated bombed out kip, a new kitchen half put in as I wait for the bro (handy with a chisel) to get his thumb out so we can finish it and to top it all the missus informs me that we’re having a child of some description in about six weeks. I don’t know where she intends keeping it, but I doubt if the cat will give up either her position on the bed or on my favourite chair, so that leaves the big plastic tool shed thing I got in Woodies two years ago, so I might have to wrap cardboard around all the screwdrivers and nails and toothy pointed saws in there. Childproofing , they call it.
Oooh oh, and I got my first proper comment on a blog entry yesterday, from no less than Mr. Uiscebot what has a blog his self that I do read. Now some might call that a bit circle-jerky and others might call it a bit community-buildy, but never mind them naysayers and twits, it mad to think somebody actually read something I put up here. I might drop the whole martial-arts / plastering / webDesigny / husband and father carry on and become a full time international war-zone freelancing journalist for MAJOR fucking news conglomerates instead. Obviously a talent like this needs to shine whether its humble vessel wants the limelight or not.
Busy busy busy, and all this in the life of a man that some said would never do nuthin and wouldn’t not  never amount to nuthin. Yeah well, up yours Ma, I ‘m taking back the streets. Word.

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  1. Indah says...

    Thank you, Carlos, for your kind words and for raising such a wofdurnel son. Goodness will always follow him because it was obviously nurtured in him by you. You are likewise welcome here any time. We can swap pig roasting recipes, as I understand you don’t play when it comes to pig either! May your new year be warm and bright.

    January 14, 2014 at 3:43 am | Permalink

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