Borneo, part one.

Borneo is a sparsely populated tropical jungle island, situated in the heart of Australia, from which it is separated by a huge inland sea. I lived on the Australian coast last night, in a paradise beach town, with my family who I have never seen before, and who were a little unconvincing, frankly, as my parents were hardly older than I am. I was on the beach amongst the summer throng when the wave came in.
It wasn’t a big wave, but it was long and unsettling in its uniformity. More like something moving through the water than a movement of the water. There was something wrong with it, a black glimmer on the edge of the foam or maybe it just moved with a slickness. Either way everyone looking at the sea at that moment knew the wave was contaminated.
Those that got it first came out of the water looking sleepy, but they weren’t sleepy, they were dead as doornails and looking to spread. Everyone ran, but not all in the same direction. Some were running parallel to the beach, adrenalized tunnel vision blinding them to the horror walking out from the water, a horror that was closing quickly on the path of their flight. A rumour spread across the beach  immediately, information travelling at light speed – if your arm was tugged or touched twice by the dead then you were one of them. I knew this couldn’t be right, if you were got you were got, there was nobody keeping score. Some folk were only half-panicked, believing that this would go no further than the beach, surely? Governments and armies and police and authorities would sort it out shortly, we would be safe in our beds tonight and all this would be a tragedy to shock and sadden on the late news.
But I could see the infection spreading its fingers in all directions, sometimes faster than I could run. I dodged outstretched arms and jagged smiles and ran up the dunes, heading for the road. I realised already that the whole country was fucked. How long was that wave? Did it hit every part of the continental coastline at once? Borneo was the only viable option, an island protected by a sea which in turn was buffered by the surrounding continent of Australia. I could try to survive in this new world that was about to happen, was in the process of happening, but sooner or later I’d be caught, those dead fuckers would be everywhere soon, everywhere. Borneo was all jungle, hardly any people there at all, and I could stay away from them. Fuck it, I thought, I’ll eat whatever the monkeys eat.

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