slow motion.

This is slow as fuckery isin’t it? Moving the whole fandango from poxy register365 to lovely (so far) blacknight helped hugely but its still a bit too slow. The original problem was 365′s hilariously shite database servers, up to a full 35 seconds to load a page of text sometimes, with something in the region of four to eight queries for the whole page. Rubbish that, so rubbish that I couldn’t be bothered complaining, jumping ship was easier. But still with the slowness, thats the fault of JomComment, the widget that sits below every post eagerly anticipating input from the wider world. All hopefull and optimisic, if wasn’t so damned cute I’d execute the bastard. And if I wasn’t so fucking needy. Even got a comment once, which was nice. I might do  a proper subdomain at some point and stick wordpress on it. Lot of unnecessary faffing about would be involved in that craic though so apathy will win through again for a bit. current score: Apathy- 1,256,987,026 me- 8.

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