dedgy who?

C’mere to me now and I’ll tell you a story. You’ve probably been bouncing around the web for hours, reading blogs and getting all twitchy, ye  poor wee thing. Calm down there now and read slow, Ill type slow too so we can both relax.
Around a table in my brothers house a year or two previous, I found myself in a conversation I’ve had many a time before, this time with the writer Mia Gallagher. This instance of this conversation stands out for a few reasons, the first is that it happened outside the confines of my own head – because I do that, I have imaginary conversations with real people, it saves me the bother and expense of actually talking to the boring bastards. The second reason is that Mia is not much older than I am, the generation gappiness that normally accompanies this conversation was absent. And the third is that Mia is a bit famous, so I can name drop on the auld blog and get a few more hits as some unwitting fool, possibly you, goes in search of something decent to read. Ka-Blammo !
Anyway, the matter at hand was the belief that techno is rubbish versus the belief that techno is not at all rubbish. That’s me there in the pro–techno corner.
Back in the dim and distant I was one of them indie pop kids, and progressed on to the prodigy and warp and leftfield and all that. But then I took my eye off the ball and got old, so very old. I think it was the drink, or possibly the irrepressible grind of time pressing me towards the grave. Either way I wasn’t really with it there for a few years, I got into Sinatra and 60s English hippie folk stuff. I got pretty damn old.
Then I hit the road and found myself sharing a flat in Melbourne with Ronan and his burd.  This is Ronan:

Ronan is a techno fanatic and would probably spell it Tekno Fanatik because that’s the sort of wild experimental language abuse that these edgy fuckers are into. There’s nothing like spending time, bored, unemployed and penniless, with a preachy fanatical loon to get you good and converted.
It was as much as a reminder as a conversion really as my all time number one bestest favorite album in the world since the dawn of rational thought (the seventies, cos time is objective and that) , Artificial Intelligence II,  was still on regular rotation. So Ronan was all current and had all this deadly wonky techno shit going on and behold I was rejuvenated and excited about music for the first time in years. Because it’s hard to get excited about music that doesn’t challenge your ideas of what music should do, and that’s exactly where folk have a problem with techno – it’s not rock, and deep down most people want it to conform to rock rules.
Rock may have interesting rhythms and sounds but the focus is generally on a lead melody and vocal. Techno has melody and sometimes even a bit of vocal stuff, but the real concern of the producer and the listener is the actual sounds and rhythms, it’s back to the roots of music and breaking new ground at the same time. And the vast majority of good techno is either lovely or funny. There’s a sense of humour in the music itself, rarely taking itself too seriously, regularly and consciously playing with listeners expectations, getting all cutty and rippy and wonky™ in new and fantastical ways.  But this is all in relation to good techno, which is hard to find because the world is full of twits and twit music, in every genre. I’m sure if more people actually heard some proper techno made by enthusiasts they might be more open to new stuff.
And when I say techno I am including IDM and electro and any amount of makey-up sub genres that bored and compensatey fucks invent to make it look like they know something everybody doesn’t, like they’ve got an extra set of specially tweaked ears made by sennheiser in the crook of their poxy elbows. IDM, I’d be fucking embarrassed to explain what that stinking acronym means. It’s all techno ye muppets.
Celtic tiger, more money than sense, and me a plasterer bleeding cash from great gouges rent in my wallet by the feathery tickles of passing fancy. That’s how I got back into music, a €50per week budget that I mangled every week. If I was a recklessly overspending country I’d be, well , Ireland.
But that’s not the way, not at all. The right way to get into anything is a little guidance and some experimenting. So, brave soul, let me give you a shove in the right direction.
First for the wholesome musicyness  and easy to dig end of things I’d recommend biosphere, The Higher Intelligence Agency, Bola and the Black Dog. You can’t go too far wrong with these legends.
But these next links might be a bit much for the soft and the overfed comatose easy-lifers;
I think you have to be a member of for any of these links to be of use but its free and all so get jiggy with it. Test yer mettle with this funky shit: Techno One, Techno Two, agus Techno Three.
Its all good, all good. Also clickey fun in the murky for loads of mixes an shit.

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