Four great movies and a shite buke.

A funny thing happened to me today. I watched the last Resident Evil movie, Afterlife. So it wasn’t really a funny thing and it didn’t really happen to me so much as I made it happen. Great movie, if you like that sort of thing, and I do. In fact all four Resident Evils have been savage fun and for my money Milla Jovovich is the number one  Action Hero of her generation, or at the very least she is the best looking action hero of her generation, but probably both. Go Milla.

Another funny thing happened recently. Ah no, I’m telling lies again, what happened was I bought a book by Marc Animal McYoung called  ”A Professional’s Guide to Ending Violence Quickly”. I’m halfway through and so far it’s shite. He has a reputation for knowing his stuff and maybe he does, but he’s a painful, boastful meandering git when it comes to communicating. The whole book is written in a rambling colloquial style with loads of superflous language cluttering up the place, which would be fine for fiction or biography but in a technical how-to manual? pain in the arse.

None of this merits a blog post but since the last one was in october I’d better start dropping my standards regarding what is and is not noteworthy.  I had to google “wordpress login” because I forgot how to get to the admin login screen and all guesses ended in 404 shaped failure.  The shame.

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