Trayit, mofo

I found this deadly dohicky called Trayit, download it here. Its a great little program that will allow you to minimise any program to the system tray, so it wont be taking up valuable space on your taskbar. It definitely works on xp and vista, don’t know about windows 7.

Outlook and itunes already do this, and they are the most obvious candidates for running in the background, but there’s loads of program that don’t (winamp  and my  vodafone broadband dongle connection being two). I also like to keep loads of files open in notepad++ that I don’t necessarily want to save (yes I know this is dumb) while I cut and paste bits of code between them (mostly this is done while trying to make the templating system from one site replicate an existing site – very messy), and this lets me shove it all aside for a day or two without having it clutter the place up.

In other news, the menugrabber widget is up to 23 downloads, but not a single comment on the blog or email to let me know if it’s actually working on a site anywhere. Ungrateful bastards. *sob*.

That’s it for this post, I’ll have to start making stuff up if I can’t do better than this once-in-a-blue-baboon effort, but sure I’ve heard that tune before. Meanwhile check out Dr. McNinja, it’s every bit as stunningly brilliant as the name might lead you to hope.

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