In other news

My patented menuGrabber wordpress widget is proving to be a runaway success, with no less than FIVE downloads. That’s right, five separate and unique (probably) human beings (in all likelihood) have taken the time to download and use a code-thingy that I made.

I’m glowing like that ready-brek dude, only I’m glowing with smug ego-stroked self satisfaction, as opposed to glowing from the goodness of tasty processed porridge oats.

I really hope the bastard thing works now.

In other news, I have finally got xdebug working with eclipse after much dicking about trying to set up a semi-professional  environment for php development. Now all I need is something to do, my imagination is a bit stunted this weather and it seems like everything worth doing has already been done.

I’m mostly writing this auld rubbish just to fill space, but there’s no harm in that as filling space was the original mission statement for this blog. I remember reading a blog post somewhere about 90% of all posts being apologies for not posting more often. I’m making up the 90% bit, but there’s a painful bit of truth in that, and it reinforces my conviction that apologies in general are to be avoided.

But then on the other hand, I’m beginning to rethink my attitude to prolific bloggers. I used to think they were great people altogether, with the talent and the work ethic and the unstinting production of interesting and entertaining stuff. Whereas I can’t find the time to write because I’m redefining busyness itself in my ever escalating compilation of work/projects/tom-foolery.

So now I’m beginning (I spelled that ” beginining” on my first attempt, think I might prefer it) to think that these fuckers are writing way too much, have they nothing better to be doing?  this shit don’t pay the rent, the durty lazy baaastards.

So all the bloggers that have fallen off in their production recently, remarkably this seems to happen very shortly after I discover them, have just shot up in my estimation (I’m sure they’ll be delighted to know) as they have obviously gone on to lead more responsible and real-world-productive lives.

That’s all horseshit of course, but if it makes me feel slightly better then I’ve had my fun and that’s all that matters.

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