Its tremendously exciting, all this crazy stuff that’s happening.

I’m so excited that I appear bored, I can’t express myself in an accurate manner so I don’t express at all, which we all know is pretty much the ideal of cool.

Thats not true of course,  I’ve never been cool, although I know exactly what cool looks/sounds like. I do wear really loud shirts, but the only people who think that’s cool are me and my baby sister, and in fairness I could probably wear fermented dog shit and my baby  sister would still think it was cool, awww….

The real excitement right now is the gym. Check that shit out, but tread carefully for you tread on my dreams or I’ll kick your ass.

When I was a whippersnapper, knee-high to a grasshopper, a chip of the auld block, three sheets to the wind (not really, I was only small), I believed that someday I would be Indiana-Jonesing it in some forsaken corner of the world, I thought the world had something like  40% unexplored bits where high adventure was to be had. I was a nature nerd, I was fascinated by elephants and blue whales and big cats, the law of tooth and claw. And adventure, I never questioned the fact that I belonged out there, in the wildness, doing stupid stuff to discover interesting things in dark places.

David Attenborough is a god amongst men, and if I have one regret in this life its that I have never met him and probably never will. For the love of all that is good if you haven’t read Life on Earth then go read it. More important than music.  And I do love the auld music.

Adventure though, I nearly missed it. Years of booze and partying thinking that was adventure, I read this blog by a dude who is looking for adventure in most of the wrong places and I  see myself doing the same thing only  a couple of years ago. I even spent a while touristing around south-east asia thinking that was adventure.

But,  see, nothing ventured -  nothing gained.

I did a few extraordinarily stupid and dangerous things  back in the day and didn’t realise that they were adventures at the time, because I was extraordinarily stupid back in the day . But this time is different, this is a bona-fide adventure.

I’ve never had so much to loose, and what do I hope to gain? The equivalent wages of working in Dunnes stores I imagine, at best. And do I give a fuck? well yes, of course, but also I’m looking around for a beam to lash my whip around so I can swing across a demon craggy bastard of a gorge and then scrabble for purchase on the far side, standing with a wry smile and delivering a killer line with my green eyes sparkling through the grime.

Somebody else will have to write the killer line though, my speciality is the swinging, rescuing and wearing cool shirts part.

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