Why did the plane crash?

Because the pilot was a loaf of bread.

That there is comic genius, I’ve been laughing at it all day.
Where’s the comedy in that? Other than the complete insanity, I mean. Maybe its the weird mixture of the obscure and the banal?

Its the speed that my brain fills in the back story that fascinates me. I had a flash of myself as a worried co-pilot, looking over at the pilot, a wee loaf of bread with a captains hat and the pilots headgear and all. His calmness inspired confidence as the plane plunged from the heavens, but then calm is the entire range of  expression for a loaf of bread, so that took away from effect a bit.

I wondered how it got to this position without anybody noticing that it was not so much pilot material as a potential sandwich.

All that in the fraction of a second post-punchline. And now every times it pops back into my head I have visions of  pilot-school lectures featuring attentive bread in the front row, or the banter in the cockpit between the air-hostess and pilots after a long haul flight, with a silent but included captain bread in his  chair. With his hat and headgear.

This might well become my second-favourite joke of all time, the timeless classic “How do you know ET was a protestant?” will, of course, remain at number one.

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    It’s hard to find well-informed people in this particular topic, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

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