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Classic Techno

I was you-tubing today and I found a whole bunch of lovely old classic techno stuff. I never knew the name of tracks back in the day cos I wasn’t cool enough. But I did remember Ready to Flow, mostly due to a sample in it that has a chick saying “ready to flow”. Here [...]

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IE6 is a Bollix.

The title gives it away a bit, but here’s the beef: quick aside; I’ve never said “here’s the beef” before, but it’s about to become my goddam trademark. Look at it there, it even looks good. Where’s the beef? Whats your fuckin beef, buddy?  deadly. I like the idea of expressing myself through repeatedly asking [...]

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Ha! no, not really.

Three posts a week was it? And the very next morning my father-in-law passed away, making that little goal irrelevant at best. Back at it now mind, though with little to contribute. The grief and trauma of the week gone and all the time to think has left me with nothing blog-worthy, just not that [...]

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Two Pints and a bit of a Think

And also a bit of a read and a packet of hunky Dorys cheese and onion. Here’s the new plan: get my shit together. This involves two distinct and necessary actions; 1. Stop forgetting things. More on  this later. 2.Do stuff, as opposed to talking about/imagining /planning to do stuff. Regarding the forgetting of things, [...]

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Do here’s how it went down: I says to the mechanic, I says:  A full service on this here veh-hicle my man, and have a look at the clutch there’s something not right going on there. Right-o he says and next day hands back the keys with an assurance that the clutch is fine, over [...]

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