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slow motion.

This is slow as fuckery isin’t it? Moving the whole fandango from poxy register365 to lovely (so far) blacknight helped hugely but its still a bit too slow. The original problem was 365′s hilariously shite database servers, up to a full 35 seconds to load a page of text sometimes, with something in the region [...]

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Borneo, part one.

Borneo is a sparsely populated tropical jungle island, situated in the heart of Australia, from which it is separated by a huge inland sea. I lived on the Australian coast last night, in a paradise beach town, with my family who I have never seen before, and who were a little unconvincing, frankly, as my [...]

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The foots a game!

“Furst dere was d’wurd , and d’wurd was li’” as they do say in auld dubilin towen. There was unemployment  and apathy,  which is great fun and  I couldn’t possibly recommend it highly enough, then all of a shocking sudden there was my name on a commercial lease for a bombed out kip, a commercial  [...]

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Time gentlemen, please.

I’ve been reading a few blogs recently, something I didn’t bother me arse doing before I started this exercise in space-filling, and I’m seriously impressed with the output from some of them. One of the best out there is Eoin Butlers tripping along the ledge, which sees the main man banging out one or two [...]

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Adventure with a slug.

I found a big long slug on the bathroom floor yesterday, or more honestly, the missus found a big long slug on the tiles yesterday and I was called in for a consultation on its immediate future. Now it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that I’m going all soft and hippie, there was an [...]

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