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and now for a nice cup of tea.

oh thank the good lord cheebus and his mighty flowing robes of woven justice. All my issues with that damnable content widgitry were, of course, a direct result of my own foolishness. In short: my code was written for php 5 when the server I am using for this particular site runs a version of [...]

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content widget progresses…

the horror, the horror.All was looking rosy with my content widget,  I found a nice configurable php uploater script in silentum uploader so my technophobic administrator can upload photos to the server and insert them into his pages fairly handily, though without drag and drop functionality. I css’ed everything into looking neat and professional and [...]

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content widget

Unstoppable charismatic genius that I am, multi-million carat ideas spill from my fevered imagination like porridge from the bottomless cauldron. One recent gem was the fact the modern evolved Content Management System (CMS) is a big clunky lug of a thing that far exceeds the needs of many users, and this left a gap that [...]

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So with a little help from Bulletproof Templates ‘blank skeleton template’ and a lot of trial and error, I converted neonengine to a proper Joomla cms, while keeping the original design. Which is all very well, but of course this site never really needed a cms and now I have to come up with some [...]

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