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Why did the plane crash? Because the pilot was a loaf of bread. That there is comic genius, I’ve been laughing at it all day. Where’s the comedy in that? Other than the complete insanity, I mean. Maybe its the weird mixture of the obscure and the banal? Its the speed that my brain fills [...]

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Beer and Justice

For the last couple of weeks I have had this hectic routine going over the weekends in a final push style affair to  get my new tkd gym up and running. I work thursday, friday and staurday nights in this nightclub and work the friday (if I’m not minding the child), saturday and sunday daytimes [...]

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Two Pints and a bit of a Think

And also a bit of a read and a packet of hunky Dorys cheese and onion. Here’s the new plan: get my shit together. This involves two distinct and necessary actions; 1. Stop forgetting things. More on  this later. 2.Do stuff, as opposed to talking about/imagining /planning to do stuff. Regarding the forgetting of things, [...]

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In between stuffing my fat face with gin and after-eights ( a lovely combo, a stunning hangover), it occurred to me that I’m approaching the whole integration thingy (see previous post) a bit backwards, and slow. Ironically, backwards and slow is exactly how I was described in  ‘Irelands most eligible Bachelors of 1997′, free with [...]

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I love Steak

The bro got married last weekend, and himself and this missus are foodie types so the whole kit and kaboodle camped out in celebychef Kevin Dundons gaff down wexford way. I’m a big lover of weddings, funerals and any other excuse for getting all pissed up on booze while in a suit, and this was [...]

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Yeah, so, Arachnotron. I wanted to take the time to explain myself fully, as early polling has shown that I may have chosen a hard to defend position on this one. Sometimes a man has got to stand up and do what’s right, believe in his own judgment and walk the walk. Unfortunately I’m a [...]

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whoda thunkit

Holy fuckin fuck. I’m someones Da. And if you don’t think that’s some crazy shit then you my friend are one fucked up sonovabitch. Also I’m not one bit sober. Not even a really small bit. Nano-sobriety, never met ya. I’ll leave the whole Arachnotron argument for another post, one where I’m not rolling through [...]

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Boiling Bunny in the Oven

I wrote a post a little while back along the lines of ‘Holy Crap – I’m a busy wee bunny with all sorts going on and sure the likes of me, made entirely of snot and apathy, are not made to cope with all this stuffness’. Well this is that post mark II, and in [...]

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Borneo, part two.

On top of the dunes I met my parents, out for a beach picnic. My legs were burning now but I didn’t stop moving, I slowed enough to shout something about the living dead, infection and run, get the hell out of here. But I knew from the start that they would want a fuller [...]

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dedgy who?

C’mere to me now and I’ll tell you a story. You’ve probably been bouncing around the web for hours, reading blogs and getting all twitchy, ye  poor wee thing. Calm down there now and read slow, Ill type slow too so we can both relax.Around a table in my brothers house a year or two [...]

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