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joomla menu into wordpress, damn straight.

See, some dude  (or possibly dudette, that’s what they’re called, right?) googled “integrate joomla menu into wordpress” and found a post on exactly that subject. He spent thrity five seconds on the page and then fucked off elsewhere, searching for answers that were right here. And me here sitting in a darkened room, lit only [...]

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IE6 is a Bollix.

The title gives it away a bit, but here’s the beef: quick aside; I’ve never said “here’s the beef” before, but it’s about to become my goddam trademark. Look at it there, it even looks good. Where’s the beef? Whats your fuckin beef, buddy?  deadly. I like the idea of expressing myself through repeatedly asking [...]

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New (nerdy) hobby

So I did that thing with the Joomla and the database and all that, and now my new hobby is playing with wordpress widgets. And by playing with I mean butchering, mangling and abusing the perfectly well thought out and implemented code and systems that my betters have left lying around to be ‘developed’. Next [...]

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WordPress/Joomla pseudo-integration(ish)

See this here, what you’re looking at, see it? course you do, but you’re probably wallowing in disgusting ignorance as to the significance of the medium. The medium is the message. Somebody by the name of Marshall McLuhan said that, and years of trying to figure it out have led me to the conclusion that [...]

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IE7 background hover bug

I found a new rendering bug in IE today, and I can’t find any other reference to this exact problem so I’m claiming it as my very own. I shall call it bastardwhore, or Mr. Fluffy, I haven’t decided yet.Here’s how the shit went down: I always construct sites using firefox as my default browser [...]

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So with a little help from Bulletproof Templates ‘blank skeleton template’ and a lot of trial and error, I converted neonengine to a proper Joomla cms, while keeping the original design. Which is all very well, but of course this site never really needed a cms and now I have to come up with some [...]

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