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Four great movies and a shite buke.

A funny thing happened to me today. I watched the last Resident Evil movie, Afterlife. So it wasn’t really a funny thing and it didn’t really happen to me so much as I made it happen. Great movie, if you like that sort of thing, and I do. In fact all four Resident Evils have [...]

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Trayit, mofo

I found this deadly dohicky called Trayit, download it here. Its a great little program that will allow you to minimise any program to the system tray, so it wont be taking up valuable space on your taskbar. It definitely works on xp and vista, don’t know about windows 7. Outlook and itunes already do [...]

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In other news

My patented menuGrabber wordpress widget is proving to be a runaway success, with no less than FIVE downloads. That’s right, five separate and unique (probably) human beings (in all likelihood) have taken the time to download and use a code-thingy that I made. I’m glowing like that ready-brek dude, only I’m glowing with smug ego-stroked [...]

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Its tremendously exciting, all this crazy stuff that’s happening. I’m so excited that I appear bored, I can’t express myself in an accurate manner so I don’t express at all, which we all know is pretty much the ideal of cool. Thats not true of course,  I’ve never been cool, although I know exactly what [...]

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Its good to share.

Discovered a deadly blog last week, Jennifer Alice in Wonderland, and it’s just as well because all my regular blogs are dropping like flies. Clamnuts has defected to twitter, uiscebot has fucked off altogether and so has meadow by the looks of it. Lazy bastards, selfish too.  Do they give a moments consideration to all [...]

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Classic Techno

I was you-tubing today and I found a whole bunch of lovely old classic techno stuff. I never knew the name of tracks back in the day cos I wasn’t cool enough. But I did remember Ready to Flow, mostly due to a sample in it that has a chick saying “ready to flow”. Here [...]

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Ha! no, not really.

Three posts a week was it? And the very next morning my father-in-law passed away, making that little goal irrelevant at best. Back at it now mind, though with little to contribute. The grief and trauma of the week gone and all the time to think has left me with nothing blog-worthy, just not that [...]

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Do here’s how it went down: I says to the mechanic, I says:  A full service on this here veh-hicle my man, and have a look at the clutch there’s something not right going on there. Right-o he says and next day hands back the keys with an assurance that the clutch is fine, over [...]

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A life less Somniac (might have invented Somniac)

yeah so, Its been a ball alright. I ‘ve been having so much free time and been so occupied in frivolous self-indulgent hobbyism that  I’ve completely neglected blogging, gaming, training, facebuke-ing, personal hygiene and eating in general. Housewifery is a breeze, I’ll probably knock herself up a few more times now that I’ve discovered how [...]

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A proliferation of poxy P’s

Jaysus. So far, and with great effort of will, I have avoided writing one of those  painful posts  apologising for not posting more often.  Ohh the alliteration. And I’m not about to start now. But if my idyllic vision of the future is anything to go by, and its not, then I’ll soon be the [...]

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